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10 water bottles for kids they will really like

Hot days are here, and when going out with kids, you will want to keep them hydrated all the time. They will play and play, and when it is time for refreshment, they would probably like a sweet carbonated drink, however, with these bottles for kids, they will not mind water. Stay well hydrated and with this list, find what the best bottle for your kid is.

1. Bottle with straw (Unicorn)

Source: Walmart

Who does not like unicorns? Your little one will bring this Snug flask for kids’, a magical looking water bottle to school, or wherever she goes and stays hydrated all the time. It has a push-button lid with a straw, 12-ounce capacity; made from high-quality stainless steel this thermos will keep drinks hot or cold all day long.

2. YUANFENG collapsible water bottle

Source: Amazon.com

For camping, school, or to a park with a friend, this YUANFENG collapsible water bottle is great for any situation. This design is something else, and kids will love to show it off. When it is empty, it can collapse to save space, made from food-grade silicone, it is leak proof, and there are many colors to choose from.

3. Hello Kitty thermos

Source: Samko and Miko Toy Warehouse

We know kids love Hello Kitty, with a thermos they will stay hydrated and do not worry about spilling, this water bottle will stay tightly shut, and keep drinks hot or cold all day. Push-button lid with a straw, handle, made from steel, a great and durable water bottle for your kids.

4. Skip Hop Straw Cup

Source: Amazon.com

We did not forget toddlers in our list, and this Skip Hop water bottle is spill proof with a lovely design. The straw flips down under the lid and seals it when closed. And with a strap, you can take the bottle where ever you go.

5. Contigo kids water bottle

Source: Amazon.com

No straw in this one, a small spout perfect for kids to take a sip of water Contigo water bottle has a cover to protect the mouthpiece from dirt, and it is a tight seal. Many designs for a little athlete to choose from and stays hydrated.

6. Brita soft squeeze water bottle

Source: Amazon.com

Squeezable water bottle with a filter that replaces 300 standard water bottles, to keep the water nice and clean, and your little one hydrated at all times. You can fill it with a tap and do not be afraid of the quality of water your little one drinks.

7. CamelBak Eddy water bottle

Source: UK Outdoor Store

Patented CamelBak bite valve easy for kids to use, bite it to open the hole and drink after you are done it will seal with no dips or spills. Easy to use and for parents easy to clean, this bottle is ready for adventure.

8. S’ip by S’well water bottle

Source: S’ip by S’well Bottle

A thermos that keeps drinks hot and cold for 24 hours, with an excellent design this S’ip by S’well water bottle your kid will love. Not too big, not too small made from steel, pick the perfect design for the little one and he will stay hydrated all day.

9. Foogo thermos

Source: Walmart

Durable and great for kids, it has rubber protection and can withstand falls, a push to open and reveal the straw to drink. This thermos is not for hot drinks, but it will keep cold drinks cold up to 10 hours.

10. Lifefactory glass water bottle

Source: Berkey Water Filter Canada

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes; this Lifefactory water bottle is made from glass but has a silicone sleeve to provide protection and grip. And being made of glass, it offers a pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals.

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