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10 Things Newly Single Women Should Know

The rigors of heartbreak are enough to plague the most resilient of women. Bouncing back after a relationship is difficult, but it’s far from impossible. If you’ve recently gotten out of a relationship, here are some pointers and advice on how to keep the post-relationship blues at bay.

Treat Yourself

Whether it be a massage or spa treatment, self-care is the purest form of therapy. One day of self-indulgence can do wonders for the mind, body, and spirit, so kick back, relax, and don’t be afraid to pamper yourself.

Source: Health Magazine

Find Solace In Loved Ones

Your support system will be your lifeline during a tough breakup. When sadness threatens, seek guidance and support from family and friends. As alone as you may feel, your loved ones are there to convince you otherwise.

Contemplate Your Future

After parting ways with your ex, you’ll likely dwell on what once was. No better way to bid farewell to the past than by focusing on the future. Think about what you’d like to do moving forward and how severing ties with this person will only empower you to act on these notions.

Source: Healthy Directions

Don’t Lose Faith

It’s not uncommon for newly single women to swear off dating and declare celibacy. However, this toxic thinking is only a band-aid solution to temporary sorrow. Once you start believing in love again, it’ll inevitably find you.

Cut Off All Communication

Though most believe that they can remain friends with their exes after ceasing romantic relations, this belief has glaring flaws in it. If you’re in constant contact with someone you shared such intimate memories with, it’ll be hard for those passionate emotions to peter out. With that said, it’s best to break off the relationship and keep it that way.

Don’t Bottle Your Emotions

The more you suppress your feelings, the more likely you are to harbor ill-will towards your ex. There’s no sense in braving your breakup alone, and hardships aren’t intended to be grappled with in a vacuum. As an attempt to find inner peace, open up with others about your troubles.

Source: Peaceful Dumpling

Get In Touch With Your Sexuality

Your body is a wonderland, and one surefire way to reclaim and bolster your confidence is by tapping into your sexual side. While out on the town, flirt with fellow singles. Upon returning home, explore the pleasantries of sex with enjoyable toys. If you are looking for discreet packing and quality toys click here.

Find A Hobby

Distractions are critical during a breakup. In an effort to keep your mind off of your ex, consider taking up a new pastime.

Take A Vacation

Pack your bags, grab your girls, and get out of dodge! Spontaneous adventures are always fun, and there’s no telling what mischief you’ll get into.

Source: NBC News

Realign Your Focus

Being in a relationship tends to draw attention away from your wants and needs. Above all else, it’s important to reassert your goals by making your ambitions a priority.

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