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10 Shoes Every Woman Over 30 Has to Own

When we are younger, we just wear shoes that we think look the best on us, and we never think about the comfort a shoe has to provide. As we get older, we are looking for beauty and comfort at the same time. But, there are ten types of shoes out there that every woman must have, that covers every occasion in her life.

Black stiletto

Source: StarShinerS

A black shoe is a perfect solution for every outfit you can think of, and for every occasion, you plan to go to. It can be elegant, and it can be casual, depending on what outfit you plan to wear.


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Nowadays, sneakers became wearable and fashionable even with dresses and skirts. Classic sneakers can be such footwear, and your sports shoe can be left for running and other physical exercises.

Flat sandals

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Flats can be found in various designs today, and flat sandals are perfect for that hot summer that always awaits us.

Ballerina flats

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They can also be a substitute for a sporty shoe or a classy heel. They go with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts, and every woman has to have at least one pair at her possession.

Mary Jane

Source: Instagram

The popular Mary-Jane’s are also what you just have to possess, especially if you are not a fan of a high, thin heel. The strap adds a bit of class to it, and it screams romance.

Chelsea boots

Source: AliExpress

Perfect for rainy days, when you want to look casual, yet formal.


Source: Wassookeag Moccasins

The opinion varies from woman to woman, but every lady that has tried to wear these shoes say how they are extremely comfortable, and they make you look fierce. Even the orthopedics stated how these boots are better than flats since its small heel is better for our feet and back.

Block boots

Source: River Island

Block ankle boots are also something you can mix with any look you want. The block heel is making walking very, very comfortable and you look stylish when you go to work, or if you just decide to have a cup of coffee with friends.

Flat boots

Source: Instagram

For cold, winter days these flat boots are perfect. Due to various weather condition during winter, flat boots are perfect for safe and stable walking.

Sports shoes

Source: sheknows.com

We just have to have some sneakers in our closet. Whether for running or for some more formal occasion, you can but one running sneakers and one more stylish ones.

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