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10 Dorm Room Ideas to Style Your Space

Since dorm rooms are usually quite small, and there are usually at least two people who share that small space, it’s quite a challenge to think of a way to style such a room. For a while, the only way you could decorate your dorm room was to use some posters or bring in a bookshelf and place some decorations there. However, today, most of college students are tech-savvy, and they want to improve their school space as much as possible. To make that happen, we present ten excellent dorm room ideas.

1. Loft your bed to create more space

Source: Freshome.com

Since most of dorm rooms have high ceilings, you should take advantage of those and make your room more stylish by creating loft beds. Not only will your room look more stylish, but you’ll also have more space below your bed where you can keep some extra stuff. And you can do so much with the newfound space, from turning it into a comfortable lounging area to upgrading your workspace.

2. If there’s no room to loft, lift your beds

Source: Mint Six

In case your dorm room is too small to loft your bed, try lifting it to create some extra space. You can use bed risers and get valuable few inches of storage space. If you have some old dresser drawers, you can put wheels at the bottom and slide them under your bed to store your things in them. Add a long bedskirt, and you’ve got a stylish and tidy bed with extra storage. How convenient, isn’t it?

3. Personalize your room

Source: Casaza

Even if they put back all the furniture back to the original layout during summer, don’t be afraid to arrange your stuff differently, in a way you find more suitable. You could put two desks together or try moving your bed by the window to get more light. If your room feels too small, you might want to try covering one wall in mirrors or try out some removable wallpaper if you don’t like the color of the walls.

4. Use multi-functional furniture

Source: makespace.com

If your dorm room is rather small, it’s best that you use multi-functional furniture, such as a pouf that can be three in one – a table, a seat, and an ottoman. Or how about buying an ottoman that has hidden storage? Another way of using your furniture for several purposes is to make a vanity of the top of your dresser.

5. Make a plan with your roommate

Source: southern.edu

When you share your dorm room with a roommate, it is of utmost importance to coordinate with him/her. There’s no use of a perfect stylish room if your roommate and you don’t agree on the changes. For instance, you could pick a color palette that works well for both of you and pick your pillows and curtains together to make sure you both like them.

6. Bright your room with temporary wall art

Source: Homesthetics

Since dorm rooms usually have certain limitations, it’s very likely that you won’t be allowed to paint or nail things to the walls. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no solution – you can use temporary wall art to decorate those boring white walls, something that can be easily removed when your school year ends and you leave the room. There are all kinds of temporary wall decals, or you could make something yourself using washi tape. You can also make a feature wall by placing a large piece of decorative fabric on a tension rod.

7. Put away all the clutter

Source: Columbia Daily Spectator

Make sure you put all the clutter away if you don’t want your already small room to shrink even more. Your accessories can easily create chaos if not organized properly, so you could hang shoe organizers inside the closet, as well as hooks over the closet doors to keep everything in place.

8. Soften the harsh lighting

Source: PopSugar

In case you have overhead fluorescent fixture, this might be a problem if you want to stay up all night studying and your roommate wants to go to bed at 11 pm. In that case, a desk lamp will come in handy, which will also make your room look more stylish.

9. Your bed should be your oasis

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After a long day of lectures or exams, you need a comfortable bed where you can get some sleep and recharge your batteries. Thus, buying a good quality comforter might be a good investment, especially because you can still use it even after you move out of the dorm.

10. Don’t forget why you’re there

Don’t forget why you’re there

Source: Bravo TV

Finally, remember the main reason you’re there – to study. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your room has to be boring, on the contrary. But firstly, make sure it is well organized and comfortable for you to do all the work and studying there.

We hope you’ll find these dorm room ideas useful. No matter how small your space is, with these smart ideas, it can still be awesome.

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