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10 Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

If your child plays video games, he is in front of the screen probably too much, but what if you buy him a toy from his favorite game like Minecraft and cut that time short. He will be out of the virtual world and having fun with you and his new toy in the real one. He will not be in front of the computer all day, and that is a great thing.

1. Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

Source: Minecraft Shop

The most important sword in your child’s life, if it helped Steve to defeat all kind of creatures, it can help your child boost confidence. The sword is made from foam; it is durable, but enjoyable at the same time.

World of magic and imaginations awaits your little ones.

2. Lego Minecraft The Mine

Source: Big W

Who does not love Lego, and Minecraft themed even better, in the box you get the man himself Steve with weapons and many foes he can defeat like a skeleton, spider, zombie and lots of pieces to make a Mine. There is a mine track with a mine cart and many other parts to make an adventure of a lifetime.

However, this is maybe better for an older kid who knows Lego and can appreciate it.

3. Minecraft plush toys

Source: gamestop.ie

Boy or a girl, no matter the age will love these toys. Mushrooms, pigs, spiders and many more toys from Minecraft are available, but the Creeper must be a favorite. All green and so fluffy seven inches tall toy is a great toy for your child and if you squeeze it will make sounds, for those intense game times to give you some relief.

4. Minecraft Stop motion movie creator

Source: YouTube

A mobile app comes with this one. It is for that artistic kid that will be a famous movie director one day. Stop-motion is a great way to make a film based on Minecraft. There are four different backgrounds that you can choreograph your four mini figures and 15 props to look awesome. The app will guide you to make a movie, and it is up to the movie director how to set the scenes, props, and actors to create a masterpiece.

5. Minecraft The End

Source: Coroflot

If your child is a game fan, this is a gift for him. Help Steve battle the Ender Dragon. Toys are well crafted with a lot of details, Steve has a diamond armor, bow, and arrow, and the dragon has articulated wings.

6. Minecraft Periodic Table

Source: YouTube

This one is great for a little scientist — a periodic table from the elements within the game, 27 of them. Blocks with lava, water, air, diamond ore and many more, are there to keep your little one’s imagination going.

7. Minecraft Animal Toys

Source: Amazon.com

These Minecraft animal toys are great fun for kids. We have pigs, sheep’s, cow, chicken, and more to keep the fantasy world going. Like in the game fashion, you can detach parts of animals and make your own, as long as your imagination is flowing. Protect the village and make wool, fight unfriendly foes, use them for transportation; there is no end with these toys.

8. Minecraft Pickaxe

Source: Minecraft Shop

What is a miner without his tool, and what is Minecraft without the iconic pickaxe? You cannot go and demolish anything without the good old pickaxe. With this, you cannot go and destroy anything, but you can have a blast with it. If you are a real Minecraft fan, you will appreciate this gift, and when you are in the game, you can bash the keyboard with it when the times get tough or leave it aside.

9. Lego Minecraft The Cave

Source: YouTube

Another Lego set, but this time a cave, for your little ones to enjoy, with Steve against zombies and spiders a great time he can spend creating and destroying like the game of Minecraft is. You can help your kid make the set and enjoy the fun together.

10. Minecraft Wall Torch

Source: YouTube

The best gift, for a real fan of the game. It looks exactly like the one in the game that you use to defend from all the foes that come against you. This is the real deal, just put some batteries in, and the square light on top will shine. You can mount it on the wall, use it as a torch if you ever need it, or leave it somewhere close in case the zombies come.


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