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10 Awesome Ideas to Use Wood for Home Decoration

If you think about it, you see wood only on furniture in homes. However, the wood is often used on walls, ceilings, and even bathtubs. Here are ten awesome ideas to use wood for your next redecorating project.

1. Kitchen wall made from plywood

Source: Ideal Home

Versatile and nice wood is one of the most commonly used materials in homes. No matter if you have a traditional or modern looking home, it is most likely that you have a lot of wooden furniture. You can use wood to cover up walls. The only downside is that you need to take care of it. Polish it on a regular basis with wood oil or wood wax. Combine wood, leather, marble with an unusual painting and give your kitchen a modern look.

2. A living room filled with furniture made from

Source: morespoons.com

Couch, coffee table, cabinet all made from wooden palettes. All you need is a good idea. Creating a piece of furniture is not that hard. If you have a good handyman, some tools, and a wooden palette you can make anything.  Don’t get discouraged if the wood is damaged you can always bring it back to its former glory. White walls in the background and wooden furniture give serenity to the place.

3. Furniture from oak in your living room

Source: atc-comafrique.net

A dash of medieval art can bring some modern look to your home. Ottoman made from wood, a lowered couch made from oak that brings a hint of elegance, and a unique looking wall made from wooden oak boxes that are framed to be modern and exciting. Oak is popular with interior designers for his durability and beautiful look.

4. Zebrawood – perfect for hallways

Source: thanhphatcorp.vn

Large window to bring more light in the room with walls and ceiling that frame it all around. Elegant yet modern look for the entire room, and if it’s a window with a sitting area for that perfect look inside as well as outside of the room. Stripe look of zebrawood will give the room a warmer and welcoming feeling to whoever comes to visit.

5. Kitchen wall from wood logs

Source: eoslandvn.blogspot.com

Wooden logs will look great with a white wall combination and modern illustrations. Even if it seems like a most straightforward idea a place, in-between support beams are the central spot in the room. Because of that, you should keep an eye on it to never be blank, and your home will always be warm and cozy.

6. Walls of study room covered with wood panels

Source: minimagazin.info

There are thousands of reasons why wood is a material that is most commonly used in home interior design. It has power, and it is resilient, flexible, and naturally beautiful. Also, it gives a hint of warmth and mystical to the room. Wooden panels were popular in the 17th century and were often used in dining rooms. Today wooden panels are finding their way to the study room for a perfect environment to work in.

7. Scandinavian style children’s room

Source: suachuadogogiare.net

This is a different approach to a children’s room, and if you want it to last longer, this is the way to do it. Bed made from birch plywood, with a big window in the room and leather rug on the floor gives you that Nordic vibe.  Every detail meticulously thought true, and the bed and floor made of wood are durable, making it perfect for a kid’s room.

8. Plywood wall in your bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Wooden cover on a wall looks great, and if you put it over an entire wall even better. Apply this kind of style in your bedroom, and you will get a more natural look of the room. Gentler than any white wall and warmer than any color you could paint walls, a cover made from plywood will bring new mining of comfortable and tranquility to your bedroom.

9. Wooden beams in the kitchen

Source: pacificmaterials.net

Original wooden beams that frame-up a kitchen with plain white interior give of a clean look to it, and floor made from stone tiles tides it all together. However, it is wood, and if you want it to live longer, you should polish and nurture it with wax or oil.

10. Bathtub made from wood

Source: giadinh.net

Teak is a perfect wood for a bathtub. It has a higher resilience to water so it can be used in bathrooms. Bath made from teak wood must be covered with polyurethane lacquer for extra protection. Teak is naturally beautiful, and its color is so lovely and effective by itself, but don’t forget to take care of it to preserve her beauty and shine.

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